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Economic Forecast 2014: Difficult, but still wary crash ... a place

 Behind the thousands of businesses went bankrupt, stops working, mass giants into debt ... it still has many businesses, entrepreneurs emerged as a bright spot in the market. They have to confront and overcome the crisis, how, and forecasts of future economy in 2014 like? New years eve, PV had discussions with a number of giants - the highlight of 2013.

2013 was passed, which leave evidence of the difficulties that businesses, entrepreneurs and the struggling economy.
Chairman of FPT - Truong Gia Binh: Difficult, but still have room for businesses
Despite a difficult year, but in 2013, FPT has achieved sales of more than $ 1 billion. Talking about the difficulties faced in 2013, Truong Gia Binh said: FPT faced with the difficult economic situation and cut spending for information technology (IT) sector of Government , banks and businesses. To remedy this, the group's leaders since early 2013 has outlined the strategic direction.
First of all, aims to maximize the opportunities from the traditional customers in the domestic market and abroad in the core business. At the same time promoting growth in the revenue from the provision of products and services to new technology trends such as mobile technology (mobility), cloud (cloud). It is expected that in 2013, revenue from this service achieved growth figure 3.
On the other hand, FPT boost growth from overseas markets, including a focus on the US, Japan, Singapore ... Expected growth in revenue from the US market of FPT in 2013 will reach about 50% , in the Japanese market is approximately 40%. The direction followed by FPT optimization of resources within the group to be able to better exploit the market opportunities in the country and abroad.
By the end of November 2013, the Corporation's sales figure reached 24,927 billion, an increase of 14% over the same period.
University of economic forecasters 2014: Difficult, but still wary crash ... a place
Talking about the future of 2014, Chairman of FPT - Truong Gia Binh - said: "According to the experts, the domestic economy is likely to continue moving sideways. However, according to My personal rating, still plenty of growth opportunities for businesses in the IT field, especially in the services segment provides technology trends in the domestic market and abroad.
This "economic Dien Bien Phu"
In Vietnam, the IT industry is facing a great opportunity, which is becoming a new mode of development of the country, by any scheme would have to spend the budget for IT education as smart, intelligent transportation, smart city ... And in foreign markets, according to estimates by Gartner, the market trusts the global IT services (worldwide IT outsourcing) is worth about 288 billion dollars in 2013.
This really is an unlimited market. Problems and difficulties of our largest current is still very lack of human resources, namely a team of technology and information technology professionals in specialized fields such as finance, banking, insurance automation ... "
Do Van Binh - Chairman of the Silver River Hydropower JSC: The giants were bored ... and play, but also listening
A businessman has been known in the field of manufacturing and assembly of motorcycles, but Do Van Binh is still considered an "extended" quiet. Only when he joined the Board of Directors, the Company Sudico new public "eye" to the businessman.
Looking at the issue through the eyes "probe", Do Van Binh - Chairman of the Silver River Hydropower JSC - said: By this time, many "giants" were bored playing it, want to do business investment, but do not invest the remaining money, everyone opens up doing what is "dead-end funds" which should account for a long time, many people opt for capital preservation. According to Binh, the new year has not come enterprises invest heavily, because there must be listening situation of macro-management policies of the state.
For businesses, not low inflation is good, but the inflation rate should be similar to the rate of economic development, the new stimulus is produced, and businesses will carefully observe this to be the deciding match where to invest and expand their business to the public, because low inflation will hamper growth.
In the next year if the government has no policy to remove the enterprises do not develop. While domestic retail channels are foreigners are rapidly gaining market share, if the state does not have the appropriate solution, the domestic companies no longer have a place in the distribution channel.
And with the retail channel has the right to decide where imported goods, import of one ... the consumption of goods produced in the country will be given to every secondary. To fix, DN await the policy stimulus to revive momentum for enterprises. Previously VN had a policy of "capital injection" low-interest loans to businesses, but this job is not large effect. So no way back for low-interest loans, which support the real interest rate for businesses to borrow money and put into production.
But as current loans with low interest rates are, but do not dare to borrow some businesses, by the bank's interest rate remains very high, business loans just "miss a beat" is the white hand, enterprises are still was very scared when it comes to the market at the moment.
Chairman of SHB - Do Quang Hien: We must be alert to collapse
Not only did his reputation as a "vote" success on the football field, "elected" Show succeeded in Anping melon Corporation is in bankruptcy of seafood processing business profits, put the reel Bank machines Habubank a loss, have merged into SHB, this was profitable.
University of economic forecasters 2014: Difficult, but still wary crash ... a place
Talk about overcoming the difficulties of credit, Hien said: NH group classifies customer orientation field limit risk while concentrating recovery of bad debts, overdue. SHB also reorient our customers and target markets, thereby expanding customers by consumer loans as well as instruction in the field of agriculture and rural areas to reduce the risk san.
Show He also said the success of the SHB also restructuring at the mirror system with the complete mechanism, institutional processes, improve business requirements, check the minimum cost from stationery, per diem ... so in 2013 but have difficulties, but SHB still developing. This is considered to be a particularly successful year with evidence of SHB is the business unit of Habubank ago there was interest in the operation system of SHB.
SHB 2013 was also the year succeeded in reviving the company shares aquatic Peace (Bianfishco). By the end of 2013, for farming profitable again and now the company has exported 25 million. Show farming area is needed to raise capacity by old line not enough supply for export contracts that customers demand.
Not only succeed in the marketplace, Do Quang Hien was cool boss hand with football.
"In tough but businesses have good governance, good business, good team of people still overcome obstacles that seemed impossible" - Hien said. He shared Show: Difficulties are things that one can easily see, but the market still has room for enterprises in the right direction. The companies want to survive and develop the capacity to improve governance, human factors and policies appropriate to each phase period.
About opportunities of 2014, Mr. Do Quang Hien said: With the success of the exchange rate stability, lower interest rates banks, gold steady ... of 2013, which bodes well for 2014. But they I do not subjective, it is still difficult and not foreseeable. With the banking sector, we rely heavily NPLs policy of the state, the public debt of the province and led to a chain reaction.
If there is no solution to remove the bad debt drastically in 2013 lasted longer, but 2014 will not hold out and broken, spread. For SHB, growth in 2013 will be a prerequisite for 2014. But we must be wary of the collapse of many businesses no longer withstand the required calculations and forecasts. It should have backup plans and when problems occur.
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