Dangers incalculables de cerf-volant amusant

 Every year there are a lot of accidents occur due to accidentally caught in kite string vehicles and pedestrians. Children fly kites can be a traffic accident caused by careless when crossing the street.

Safety skills when there is an emergency on the plane / safety skills to survive the car accident traffic
According to Nguyen Hoang, an expert on security in the city, kite flying is a healthy pastime of both children and adults from past to present. In some countries, such as Thailand, Laos, kite flying is seen as a ritual for peace, luck, fortune. When the weather is starting to wind, series kites of all colors, shapes, sizes stretch their sky in brilliant kite festival.
But every year around the world also recorded a series of painful accidents occur due Kite game. It would be incalculable danger when players ignore safety regulations, causing tragedy tragic unnecessary for yourself and those around you.
As noted by Huang, 7 mistakes that people often kite in violation of:
1. kites near road
Kite flying near the road where there is much traffic on hidden dangers unpredictable. Very easy kite string caught in the fall in traffic or where heavy traffic between disorderly. Every year there are a lot of accidents happen to riders by being accidentally caught in kite string parts on the car and the driver of the body such as the neck, shoulders, legs, causing serious damage to people and . Children fly kites near the street can be a traffic accident due to careless when crossing the street.
Giant kite boy was swept about 20 meters high up on that child mortality. This bizarre incident occurred in the field of Hoc Mon kite recently shocked the public. Photo: Readers offer.
2. Kites entangled in wires
Absolutely not fly kites near power lines. These cables can transmit voltages up to 7000 V, depending on the material kites, power transmission lines can burn up to you immediately. Usually when the kite entangled in wires, a lot of people, especially young children trying to remove by pulling, climb power poles or trees cut, including metal rods so easy shock or fall.
3. Kite flying when raining
Ben Franklin, the famous scientist was thunderstruck when performing experiments drop a kite in a storm. He was lucky to escape and also thanks to his experiments, Franklin invented the lightning rod lightning later.
One thing that people always professional kite by heart is never going to fly kites at storm. In fact many people want to take advantage of kite moments before gusty storm to bring high-flying kites. They do not know that lightning current carrying huge, more than any electrical lines, can attack both the kite and drop. Scientists warn people about to fly kites during the storm in their own is like a lightning rod, endangering their lives and those around them.
4. Flying kites on the terrace, balcony
Urban crowded, so many children, even adults fly kites on the balcony, terrace home. Kites fall can be dangerous for those at the bottom, especially those who are moved by the transport. Some fatal accident occurred when the children fly kites lose balance and fall down from the top railing.
5. Kite plane crashed into
Maybe you do not believe, but the kite has a large area and wire length can completely drop "encounter" giant aircraft flying at close range. In some countries there are special rules banning kite flying within 3.2 km around the airport and the kite string is not allowed to exceed a length of 500 m. The kind of "kite crisis" is very dangerous because it can cause damage to the aircraft when confronted, even dangerous to the person dropping the kite suddenly changed direction.
6. Kite stabbing
Take a look around beach kite flying and attention to the safety of people around. Observe carefully and avoid obstacles near you and in areas such as golf bag drop, fences, chairs, bushes and small children. Once you fly, the speed of the kite exceed 80m / h, can be fatal if and hit people at this speed. Kite string in a certain tension becomes extremely sharp, can cause deep cuts, burns or bruises on the body contact, especially dangerous for young children.
7. Giant Kites not released in crowded places
Kite has a large area can be achieved relatively high levels improve, we entrained objects on routes and unexpected "release" to endanger people below. More seriously, children and adults can be swept giant kite and lifted into the air and drop to the ground resulting in bodily injury or even death. Kites should only drop in a particular area and prohibit children away.
"Keep safe for people around the responsibility of the kite true. You should politely guide the viewer to keep a safe distance when the kite took off, including those outside the range of kites can also dangerous if broken kite strings, "Huang said.
Parents bring their children to play the kite should patiently explain the safety rules for the game and watch the kite. In fact many kids just out of curiosity want to actually close to admire the brilliant kites that are not aware of the dangers are lurking right. Kite seemed pretty harmless can be lethal when the safety rules are broken.
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